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Dave Espionage Does Typing

I make music, I write things, I do things outside

Kabuki's got nothing on this art form, baby.
13 October 1977
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I could quote something here. I could just tell you that I like originality, but someone already said it. I could be a pessimist, but I'm really not that indecisive, I'm an optimist. I'm also going to point out that coffee drinks are a beautiful thing.

Oh, and this:
I've independantly released three musical albums, run a small basement studio for a couple years, played in a band which released its only album four years after the band broke up, currently finishing up foley, soundtrack and post-production work on an independant film which had no budget, djed several clubs regularly with my friend D in Columbus, and started a web hosting company with two old school friends of mine which currently provides hosting and development solutions for over 50 companies.

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